First Impressions Are Important! We all know that.

But did you know that they are JUST as important online as they are in person? Well, they are, especially when you are looking at trying to stand out in online search results.

Why is that important? Due, to the ever-increasing use of smartphones potential customers are much more likely to research online to who they want to visit or use the services of before they visit. So, you want to stand out in online search results.

Example of a 360 degree tour

By implementing a 360-degree image of your business, you will provide potential customers with a high-quality tour of your business. Now that’s a pretty good first impression. But more importantly, Google Likes It.

360-Degree Image – Or Google Business Views

So why is Google so important? It makes up to 90% of all online search behaviour, this is where people are most likely to turn to find your business. So, Google sees their job as getting the best quality search results and they are pretty good at giving feedback on what they like to see and provide for the searching public.

That is why they promote 360-degree images for Google My Business listings and websites. They have developed their own software and approved hardware. In turn, using 360-degree images increases your local visibility on Google Search, Google Maps etc. This in turn helps your SEO activity and helps your rank well on Google.

Generate Twice As Much Interest And Increase Engagement

In a study to see how effective 360-Degree tours are, Google found that “listings with photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest”.

I’m sure everyone knows by now that engagement is the key, there is no point in having any digital assets without engagement.

70% of marketers who have used 360 videos say it has increased engagement for them.

Now who doesn’t want that!

360-Degree Images - Stand Out On-Line!

Yip that’s right! A 360-Degree image stands out. It gives your potential customer a fantastic first impression and shows that your business is forward-thinking and up with the play!

Did you know that 97% of people search for a local business before making a decision? And did you know that it’s a fact that images hugely influence those decisions? A 360-Degree tour of your business encourages engagement in a truly unique way. And let’s be honest, it’s more fun to look at than a standard photo.

360-Degree Images – Where Can You Use Them

As I’ve mentioned, 360-Degree images are great on your Google My Business page. But where else could you use your 360-images? You can use your images anywhere! Social Media, embedded in your website, in digital adverts. In fact, in a google advertising campaign to see if 360 video content would have an impact, they found that the 360-version had higher click-through rates and the interaction rate was higher.

Showcase Your Best Features

Show off what you have worked so hard to create. 360 imaging gives customers a unique glimpse of what you offer or where you are and helps to start building a relationship with them.

You could show your confirmable inviting reception space and easily accessible parking options, or maybe you have a view to die for from your restaurant’s dining area that needs to be experienced to be truly appreciated.

Whatever it is you need to show potential customers to encourage them to come to you rather than a competitor, then 360-Degree imaging is the way to go.

Now you know why it is so important that we keep our online presence at it’s best. Could you honestly say that your visual presence online reflects the quality of your work? I hope so.

But if you are worried – give us a call.


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