Video for Social Media: when you’re scared to get in front of the camera

Wondering how you can reach more of your target market without paying through the nose? Video for social media is the answer. Your customers are demanding a more personal experience – and what better way to meet their needs than video marketing? Your target market gets to see a real slice of your brand personality, in less time than it takes to check the weather forecast. Think you’re not cut out to be a video star or scared of the camera? Check out the real criteria for successful video marketing: you might just be surprised at what it takes to push your brand on video!

Best way to take video for Social Media

Be real. Be different. Be imperfect!

Assuming we’re all Kiwi’s reading this (if your not then Google is about to be your friend), hands up who remembers the Michael Hill Jewelers advertisements? And the Mad Butcher advertisements? And the ‘Spray and Walk Away’ guys? Yes – that’s right, these stalwarts of homegrown NZ advertising were actually light-years ahead of their time. The concept of slightly annoying, personal advertising was yet to take center stage in NZ, but we’re here now – and if Sir Michael Hill had been in his hey-day now, you can be darn sure he would’ve been making personal Facebook videos. Why? Because he understood the value of personal connection in marketing. What made his advertising stand out? The terrible kiwi diction. The awful home-made feel. The obviously self-important center-staged videography. Are we judging? NO! We’re applauding! These are exactly the tactics that have made him a household name – being unafraid to flaunt his personality in front of the camera. Want to gain more traction with your social media advertising? Be you. Be real, be imperfect.

Real time video on Facebook

You might have noticed that Facebook has started veering away from business posts and paid advertising. Widespread panic has set in – however, the reality is actually much more benign, and much more in favour of the Kiwi mentality! Our natural attraction to local businesses, our underlying loyalty to the people we know, and our very ‘kiwi-ness’ gives our businesses a chance to shine with this medium. Get in there and show your clients and customers that you are a real person, with something important for them to know. Real time videos allow your clients to interact in a meaningful way, adding comments as you are recording. You are then able to respond while they are viewing: giving you a true edge in the marketing sphere.

A picture is worth 1000 words. Social media video? So much more!

The human psyche is set up to absorb as much information as possible from as many resources as possible. When we are shown a picture, we infer as much as we can from the surrounds, the colours, the people and the context. With video marketing, businesses are able to inject a massive amount of information into every screenshot; giving their customers what they really need: maximum info, in minimum time. Statistics show that mobile browsers need their advertising to be short, sharp and to the point. Time is all important: your marketing video needs to be under 46 seconds long to gain traction, especially with the mobile market. In fact, if you can’t get your key message across in the first 10 seconds, you need to rethink your strategy. Time is of the essence, and video offers you the best chance to get your message across: think fast, think target market, think target message!

Want to gain more traction with your brand in social media? We’re happy to help with your online video and social media marketing messages! Don’t be afraid to think outside of the square with your brand – contact Live Wire Media today!


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