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When you’re running your own business, there are often so many costs to think of that social media just takes a back seat. You’re stretched as it is, so do you really need to spend that extra money in getting in the experts for social media? It can’t be that hard, surely – I mean, you manage your own Facebook page, and you know your way around Twitter and Pinterest. What’s the difference?

Quite a lot, actually.

Why it pays to use an expert

Now – before you jump to any conclusions, we’re not saying you can’t manage your own online business media. Of course, you can: you’re intelligent, you’ve got the ability and you’re certainly motivated enough! So, what’s the difference? Well, quite simply, social media and online marketing for business is a unique skill. Just like your own skillset within your business, the experts in this field know a tonne of tips and tricks, shortcuts and insights that will get you results much faster and gain you traction in a more targeted way.

We meet with new clients on a daily basis who don’t understand the value of expert online media management: this is what we tell them.

Social media management is business marketing

When you have a Facebook page for example for your own personal use, your friends and family will laugh at your posts and share your antics with their friends and relatives, they’ll find it funny when something goes wrong, because they already know you and like you. When you have a Facebook page for your business, your audience won’t be as kind. Facebook for business is a marketing outreach platform for your company: it’s not social sharing as much as it is brand building and trust generation. The marketing strategies you employ with your business Facebook page will impact greatly on how your brand is perceived by your target market: and will have a ripple effect across your online marketing as a whole. Remember someone’s perception is their reality.

Experts in Social Media for business will understand how to manage algorithm changes and will understand what your brand needs to do to remain consistent and relevant to your online social media market. It’s much more than posting shots of your latest products online, it’s about engagement metrics, algorithm management, diversity of content and market sectoring. Your brand management through Social needs to be consistent with the voice of your company: and this is what a true expert should know.

Expert photography, video and content for your business marketing

If we had a dollar for each time we’ve heard a client say ‘we’ll just take the photo’s ourselves’, we’d be very rich right now! Unfortunately, being handy with a camera often doesn’t translate well into marketing imagery: and while there have been a few cases where we’ve been genuinely impressed with a client’s artistic prowess, most of the time you can do more damage than good when using your own imagery online. It’s not an insult when we recommend a professional photographer or videographer to you, it’s an opportunity. Your clients will make snap decisions about your business based on the way you present yourself online – both visually and through your written content. The design work of your website, the imagery used to showcase your services, products and even staff members: it all conveys a message to your market. Are you sending the right signals?

While it’s great to give your target market that unique, personal experience, it’s still extremely important that you appear professional and able to meet their consumer needs. Expert photographers, videographers and content writers are professionals in their fields – they know how to present your best angles without compromising on that all-important personal touch, and often, professionals are better placed to recognise (and promote) the features that make your business stand out.

Continuity of brand, insight into online trends, and recognition of customer needs: this is what an expert will bring to your online marketing. Traction, engagement, and measurable impact can be achieved through hiring professionals who truly know what they’re doing. The question is: how can you tell if the company you’re working with are the real deal?

How to recognise a true online marketing expert

Knowing who to trust when it comes to online marketing and media can be tricky. While we know of many experienced, well-regarded professionals who excel in this industry, we also know of a few less reliable companies as well as people who think they know, but don’t – so how’s a business owner to know? We highly recommend taking the time to have a cup of coffee (or tea, or beer depending on your tastes!) with your prospective online team. Get a feel for them, see if they’re the right fit for your business. Ask for some examples of their work, and even ask for some of their existing clients if you’re feeling a little iffy: it never hurts to do your homework! If their current clients enjoy the service they’re receiving, then you’re onto a winner. Even if you feel out of your depth with marketing speak, the basics of business don’t change. Relationships, results, and reliability: these are the key factors in any good business arrangement. Feel free to also look up the individuals within the company and find out their background and expertise (you don’t want someone that is also new to the game). You should also check that they walk the talk, if their own social media isn’t up to scratch then you need to ask yourself if they can help you with yours. The other warning sign is introductory discounts. If a company is trying to entice you through discounting before you’ve even engaged with them then the question has to be “do they value their own offering?”

All you need to do is ask! Its better to get it right first time rather than paying for it again down the track.

Looking for online marketing advice you can really trust? Ask us anything: we’re passionate about helping businesses grow online.

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