Recently we have assisted a number of companies that have gotten themselves in a bit of a social media mess, which isn’t anything new, however this was down to having multiple profiles and pages for their brand across multiple platforms.

Confusing Social Media

Now having multiple profiles for your brands can sometimes be a good thing if you have various store locations or restaurants and branches etc. In some cases if you are using Facebooks Locations Feature then this can be a good thing as its easier sometimes to have a parent company and child location pages that you can then control from one page. When however, you have multiple pages, all representing the same branch/location then that’s when confusion sets in.

This often happens when someone sets up the profiles and sometimes ends up with a personal page as oppose to a business profile or if a new member of staff comes on board to look after and run your social media, so we know how it can happen.

The simple answer to this is don’t do it and make sure that you are getting help to set things up or making sure that whoever is in charge of your social media knows what they are doing.

Let’s have a look at why you should always have a business profile as oppose to a personal profile.

A personal profile whether its Facebook or Instagram etc, etc is exactly that and should consist of your own personal info. Its where you connect with friends and family as well as sharing that photo of the kids at the beach etc. Most don’t actually realise that it’s against Facebook Terms to use a personal profile for business.

One of the main benefits of having a Facebook business page or other social media platforms is that you can define and target your audience as well as making setting up advertising campaigns easy. On top of that you can track and measure your results. Something that you should always be doing and isn’t possible through a personal profile.

If you have a website then you’ll know all about SEO and the scramble to be seen on Google searches. Well having business pages will help with this as Google indexes your page.

So, should you have a personal page instead?

No. Simple answer is don’t. Definitely not if you are running a business and you want to be taken seriously and seen as a leader in your field.

Combine your message

An example that we’ve also come across is when a business has multiple pages for the same location, but different divisions. We’d question as to why you want to do this? Obviously, we understand that sometimes areas of a business see themselves as different to others, but if you are ultimately pushing the same brand/product or service then you should always look to combine your efforts and messages to get more engagement as well as more exposure for your brand.

If you have one profile sitting with a couple of thousand followers and another for a different department live with another 1000 followers then why wouldn’t you look to combine and merge the pages for a greater reach?

The final point is that if your target market is searching for you via either social media or Google then do you really want to confuse them with where to head to so much that they end up going to your competition instead? Make it easy for people to tag you into recommendations as well as making it easy for them to find you and make contact.

Still confused or need some advice ?

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